CRAPPIE CRAZY, Stump Tail Shad, *NEW 2016*

Brand:Crappie Crazy Softbaits
Length:1 3/4"
Quantity:20 Per Package
Model:Thump Tail Shad

The NEW Crappie Crazy Softbait Thump Tail Shad is designed to catch fish! The unique Bubble Head, Rigid Body and extreme action Thump Tail provide more water displacement. This creates sound and vibration, allowing fish to locate, target and bite! During our 8 months of testing in 2015, not only did The Thump Tail Shad catch Crappie but many other species of panfish with regularity. This Softbait is Engineered, Tested and Proven to catch fish!

$ 3.69 $ 3.89

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