LEW'S Wally Marshall SIGNATURE SERIES WMR5 sku004

  • Wally Marshall and Lew’s designed this powerful little reel for tightline trolling and jigging in heavy cover for year-round crappie fishing. The model WMR5 crappie reel is designed from scratch and really is a scaled-down casting reel with true free spool functionality; it's not just a "line holder" like most of the mini crappie reels. This reel is super light with lots of muscle.
  • Rigid one-piece graphite frame, spool and sideplates
  • Two stainless steel ball bearings
  • Selective on/off free spool feature
  • Precision machined brass gearing
  • Selective on/off bait clicker
  • Smooth drag system with metal star knob adjustment
  • Spool tension adjustment knob
  • Easy cranking dual grip aluminum handle
  • High speed 6.1:1 gear ratio

$ 26.95 $ 29.99

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