Gliss SuperSmooth Monotex Fishing line 40lb test

Available in 4 colors and 5 weights


Developed through a 5 year proprietary process, Gliss has multiple superior
performance characteristics to fluorocarbon, monofilament and braid line.

Thin & Slick composition provides incredible casting distance

Zero stretch provides ultimate sensitivity

Thinner than braid with comparable strength for superior management

Zero line twist makes Gliss more manageable on spinning reel applications

Soft form provides increased castability and distance

Retail price is 15-20% less than braid

PRO ANGLER TESTING & COMMENTS: After a very successful intro by WFT in Europe, Gliss has been extensively tested in North America. Testing has been performed by bass elite and FLW tour anglers in addition to saltwater and freshwater professional guides.

“I caught fish with Gliss that I could not have caught with other line due to its incredible sensitivity.

Softness of Gliss produces superior castiblity resulting in increased distance I don’t get with braid

Gliss is the easiest line I’ve ever fished because it has zero line twist

When dropshotting, I can get down faster due to it’s small diameter and cuts right through the water.

Gliss is much thinner than typical braid which allows leaders to be tied with out hanging up in the micro guides of bass rods.

I’ve been a pro for 20 years and haven’t purchased 1 spool of line but I will buy Gliss and compete with it. “

$ 14.99

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