Catfish Stretch Bait Bags

 tubular elastic netting that is used to secure your favorite bait on the hook! The bait protrudes through the holes in the netting, takes on the smell and color of your bait, The netting helps to prevent the fish from stealing your bait without getting hooked!
Use with Liver, Shad Gut, Dough Baits, 
Any Bait That is hard to keep on the hook

We include 2 circle hooks with each package 

open bait bag in your hand put in bait of choice ,, use the hook tied to your line to sew the bag shut going back and forth through the top of the bag and even spinning it after you are sure the bag is securely closed up,, run the bag up the shank of the hook and then put the hook through the ball of bagged bait 
Be sure to leave hook exposed so you get a good hook set 

$ 3.98

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