New! Roon Rod™

We’ve taken four of the best looking morels ever and cast them in a durable resin. The cap height is 3.25". Let us know how tall the user is and the style you prefer. You may also choose your type of wood from the choices described above with the Shroom Sticks™. The term,”Roon” describes either a morel mushroom or a morel mushroom hunter. The hiking stick is crafted by Mother Nature, so none will be exactly as shown. Your choices are for general appearance

Give extra time for these to be made to your specification (especialy longer durring the Morel Hunting season between March- May) And in the comment section of your order please choose your style A, B, C, or D,,,and Wood choice between Light Hickory, Dark Hickory, Dogwood or Sycamore

$ 36.99

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