Spore Spreader™

Mesh Bucket For Mushroom Hunting

The Spore Spreader™ won't damage your harvest on those great days that you gather a bumper  crop. The picture is of a Spore Spreader™ with 22 pounds of our resin morels. A similar volume of real  mushrooms would only weigh four to seven pounds but we've used resin ones to dramatically show  the effect.
     The Spore Spreader™ was designed by Tom Nauman of Morel Mania, Inc. after several years on the  drawing board and a lot of “trial and error”. It is cylindrical, like a bucket. The perimeter of the  bottom has a 3/16” flexible plastic ring sewn into it to help keep the bottom flat and to help prevent  the weight of the mushrooms from gathering in the center of the bottom. In other words, it helps  distribute the weight evenly on the bottom to minimize crushing. The plastic ring also acts as a  bumper to absorb the shock of bumping against trees, the user’s hip, etc. The ring is also ergonomic  in that the Spore Spreader™ will tend to roll around your body rather than rub against it.
     The bottom itself is solid cloth and the sides are mesh. The spores, debris, and insects can still  escape through the mesh sides. If you've ever been fortunate enough to see spores emanating from a  morel, you know that they don't merely "drop", they float. And any movement of the Spore Spreader™  or even the slightest breeze will cause the spores to float out through the mesh sides. Without a  doubt, some of the spores will collect on the cloth bottom. In fact, you may even find spore prints on it. With continued use, those spores will fall out of the Spore Spreader™ also.
     Ever had to clean morels crumbs off of you vehicle’s seat or the kitchen table? We’ve discovered  there are fewer crumbs with the Spore Spreader™ because the mushrooms aren’t grated as much as  in a conventional sack and the smaller amount of crumbs that do collect on the cloth bottom can be  discarded easily after you’ve removed the mushrooms. And, when you set the Spore Spreader™ down  in the woods, the solid cloth bottom will keep your mushrooms from picking up any debris from  where you have placed it.
     The Spore Spreader™ was designed specifically for gathering lots of mushrooms and continues to  receive rave reviews since it’s introduction in the Spring of 2010. It is 13" deep and 11.5" in  diameter.

$ 17.98

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